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delcopa's Journal

Delaware County Pennsylvania
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All Members , Moderated
The rules here are amazingly similar to that of philadelphia (another community you should join).

Welcome to the Delaware County Pennsylvania Community, a place for all interests Delco. Please feel welcome to join if you're from Delco, or the Philly area.

This community has very few rules, and we try to be very permissive do to the large number of members, but are very strict about the few we have:

1) Please stay "on topic" of what would relate to all things Delaware County. As long as it relates to the area in some sort of way, it is allowed and encouraged. However, use your head. Anything posted about an illegal topic will be deleted immediately and you will probably be banned.

2) If you're going to post something in philadelphia it's NOT necessary to post it here. (This may change in the future if the community gets big enough to have two different membership bases). Anything crossposted in the philadelphia community will be deleted from here.

3) Respect for others is mandatory. Any hate, slander, derogatory comments, flame wars, or any type of uneccesary rudeness will not be tolerated. In other words, play nice, kids.

4) Do not disable or screen comments, as this is a community and replies are necessary. If you don't wish to hear what others have to say, please don't post here.

Any post that does not comply with these rules can and will be deleted without warning. Continual disregard for the rules will result in banishment. Flagrant abuse of another member will also result in immediate deletion, as well as being brought to livejournal's attention. Aside from these guidelines, we encourage you to post and interact with other Delco members. Have a good time!

If you have any questions contact your moderators below: