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I don't work for these guys nor am I affiliated with them in any… - Delaware County Pennsylvania

About I don't work for these guys nor am I affiliated with them in any…

Previous Entry Oct. 17th, 2005 @ 01:48 pm Next Entry

I don't work for these guys nor am I affiliated with them in any way but:

If you guys are lookin for a good spook this halloween, you need to go to scareworld.  Me and my girlfriend went last Friday night, and okay GRANTED I'm a big scaredy cat and freak out over any little thing, but THIS....This took the cake, fuck Bates Motel, and fuck JASONS WOODS.  YOu have to go to scare world. It's in Claymont, DE..........and REALLY frickin close to Aston, PA.  I dont know how to direct you but go to their website at  www.scareworld.com

They have like 5 haunted houses and for 12 dollars you choose one, for 20 you pick 3 and for 25 you can go to any 5 of them.

We went to AMYTIVILLE, TERROR in 3D (or was it 4D) , and INSANITY.

AMYTIVILLE was scary...the "monsters" were in your face and jumped at you at every corner.

INSANITY was an indoor maze with FOG everywhere.  We walked in, and after 3 feet got freaked out and asked for the closest exit.  Not too many people make it through the maze and when we were at the exit the group that was in front of us was also outside. The one girl was crying b/c she was so scared.  She was in her 20s.

TERROR in 3D wasn't so scary but it was a lot of fun. THey give you 3d glasses and you walk through the house, theres a couple clowns and such but the cool part of the house was the effects, very colorful and trippy.

So yeah, if you are looking for something scary, and something close... Check it out.  If you've already been there tell me what do you think.

IF you think it sucked, tell me that too.

The only thing that sucked was the lines.  So yeah, there you go.

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